Pet Store Opening Soon! (Sept. 2019)

Freshwater fish and supplies


We sell everything you need to keep your aquarium running smoothly!  We carry a beautiful array of healthy freshwater fish!

Made in America Treats


All our treats, cookies, dog bones, and goodies are made right here in the USA!

Parrots and Supplies

We have been active in breeding and raising parrots for many years.  All our bird are hand fed and r

We have many years experience in raising and hand feeding parrots and it shows in the sweet beautiful birds we have available!

Small Animals and Supplies


Healthy small furry friends and items to keep them happy are available. Pet supplies located in Ebensburg.

Grooming and toys for your feline


We have lots of goodies for your favorite feline!

Reptiles and Supplies


Reptiles and Hermit Crabs available along with supplies, crickets, and frozen foods.